At Dimensions Dance Academy we strive to provide a safe, and professional atmosphere so your dancer can not only express their love of dance, but learn important life skills like respect, teamwork, preparedness, and reliability.

Dress Code

Hair must be secured in a ponytail, French braid or bun off of the dancer’s face for ALL classes. A bun is required for all ballet classes. Dancers may be asked to leave the class until hair is done properly. This gets easier with practice!


Here is a bun tutorial to help

No jewelry is to be worn during class with the exception of stud earrings.

Dancers must wear cover ups to and from the studio.

No midriffs or sports bras may be worn in class.

All required attire is available for purchase at the studio, or can be ordered at Use our Teacher Code at checkout: 71895


  • Boys- black tights/jazz pants, white t-shirt

  • Children's Division- pink leotard, pink footed tights, pink ballet shoes, pink skirt optional


  • Performing Arts Division/Ad-on Classes- leotard and tights of any color, appropriate dance shoes. 

  • Adult Division- Any comfortable clothing, appropriate shoes


  • Ballet Division- pink tights, pink canvas ballet shoes, hip alignment belt, appropriate colored leotard, matching skirt optional.

    • Level 1- Light blue Mirella cap sleeve leotard.

    • Level 2- Lilac Mirella cap sleeve leotard.          

    • Level 3- Royal blue Mirella cap sleeve leotard.

    • Level 4- Burgundy Mirella cap sleeve leotard.

    • Level 5- Any style solid black leotard.